Montag Modus
ShareHolders II

September 18-20, 2021

Alte Münze Haus 3; Am Krögel 2, 10179 Berlin 

The second iteration of ShareHolders, Montag Modus’ current project about practices and politics of sharing, has its focus on ways of being with one another; with humans, and non-humans and among different generations. Between September 18th and September 20th, in a series of performative workshops and participatory performances, MATERNAL FANTASIES (Magdalena Kallenberger and Hanne Klaas), Agata Siniarska, Jana Unmüßig, Miriam Jakob and Lisa Demsem will share their work in small, intimate formats. 

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Saturday, September 18 | 3-6 PM

MATERNAL FANTASIES: In/Visible Connections

an intergenerational performative workshop by the collective MATERNAL FANTASIES offered by Magdalena Kallenberger and Hanne Klaas

Based on the creative methods of the artists' collective MATERNAL FANTASIES, this performative workshop will playfully explore in/visible relations.

What connects us with other humans? With the mother, the child, the uncle, the aunt, the neighbour, the friend, the girlfriend, the grandma, the grandpa, biological and non-biological connected allies? What experiences bring us closer together? What is it that separates us maybe without even noticing? Where to draw a line between connection and dependency, especially in regard to different generations? How can these underlying and invisible connections be put on stage, and thus made visible?

The working practice of MATERNAL FANTASIES is guided by the idea of equally bringing together the interests and perceptions of children with those of adults, thus creating a dialogue between concrete individual experiences and fantastic ideas. 

For inspiration, we share works by Valie Export, Linda Mary Montano and other artists, as well as by MATERNAL FANTASIES.

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  • Families in the extended sense, individual participants (between 0 and 99 years) and anyone interested to playfully explore in/visible relations are welcome.

  • The number of participants is limited to 12. The workshop can be offered in English and in German, depending on the needs of the participants

  • Please bring or wear directly: simple, plain clothes (without flashy patterns, dinosaurs or princesses on them).

Sunday,  September 19, 8pm

Agata Siniarska: Stillleben / Still Life

Animal life is usually referred to as 'life on the surface'. Following a long cultural and philosophical tradition, animals do not engage in self-reflexive thought that provides humans with an individual and cultural depth of being. Instead, animals are considered to live on the surface of things – on fleeting appearances, on mere shadows that lack the substantiality of the human interior. Animals supposedly do not have the depth of memory and ability to process and recall events as humans do, their lives are treated as a series of coincidences rather than a thoughtful narrative. 

How can the notion of the 'animal surface' be a place to engage with the animal world? I am not arguing that animals only live on the surface; indeed, biologists and ethicists still find depth of thought in animal life. What is certain, however, is that the animal depth is radically different and hardly accessible for us. In this project human-animal interaction becomes a zone for thinking of such inaccessible spheres.

The performance refers to the classical theme of still life/Stillleben popularised by modern painting. Starting from the assumption that any attempt to understand another species is always a superficial contact, I will concentrate on skin as a perverse meeting place between species.

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  • The performance is in English.

Monday, 20 September, 6pm

Miriam Jakob, Jana Unmüßig with Lisa Densem:  Breathing With_0

With “Breathing With_0” Miriam Jakob, Jana Unmüßig and Lisa Densem invite participants of all backgrounds and abilities to collectively ponder on the performative and choreographic potential of breathing as a physical and discursive subject. We aim at sharing and activating differently structured ways of knowledge production (sensuous, intellectual, practical, intimate, etc.). Having expanded on these concerns in the digital realm so far, the two hour workshop will allow the first manifestation in a physical space.

Activating different modalities of attentions through breathing/reading/listening/moving practices we are interested in questions such as: how to create a space that can hold and share different activities and modalities of knowing, understanding and sensing simultaneously? How does breathing inform reading-listening-being-with-one-and-another?

Different references will be touched upon (Magdalena Górska, Marion Rosen, Ilse Middendorf, Lynn Margulis) so that a horizontally laid out choreographic thought (space) emerges. 

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  • In English and/or German, depending on the needs of the participants.

  • Please bring a blanket, warm clothes and a pen and wear comfortable clothes.

Please note that participation in the event is only possible with proof of a current negative result of a rapid antigen test or PCR test (not older than 24 hours). Excluded from this are persons who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and convalescents whose infection dates back at least 28 days, but no longer than six months. Both must be proven by appropriate evidence.

Curator & dramaturge: Léna Szirmay-Kalos 

Curatorial assistance: Beatrice Zanesco

Producer: Magda Garlinska

Technic: Bátor Tóth

Breathing With_0 by Miriam Jakob, Jana Unmüßig with Lisa Densem is supported by Berlin Artistic Research Grant Programme/gkfd, The Senate Department for Culture and Europ and funded by  dance-support programme of Neustart Kultur, an initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

ShareHolders II is Montag Modus’ current project about practices and politics of sharing. It is organized by MMpraxis curatorial platform and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.