Montag Modus
Ecology of Attention

Under the overarching title, Ecology of Attention, the annual topic of Montag Modus in 2020 focuses on attention in the age of the digital and on strategies for resisting the attention economy. It is organized in five chapters in Berlin and Prague with the collaboration of Berlin-based and Czech artists, curators and theater makers.

Inspired by Yves Citton’s eponymous book, the project aims to explore the phenomenon of attention not only as an economy, oriented towards financial profit, but also as an ecosystem which we must take care of if we wish to develop forms of life that are collectively sustainable and individually desirable. Therefore, Ecology of Attention (EoA) facilitates a site for conversations at the confluence of resistance, sociality and care.

The five chapters of EoA investigate different methodologies of how to present live art while also functioning as a testing ground for the formats of these events. To expand on the methodology, each event is conceptualized with curators and artists from different fields in a collaborative effort. 

Montag Modus: Ecology of Attention is a five-event project, organized by the MMpraxis curatorial platform in 2020 and 2021. It is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe and the German-Czech Future Fond, and supported by Alte Münze (Berlin), Divadlo X10 (Prague) Flutgraben e.V. (Berlin) and Studio Public in Private.