Montag Modus
ShareHolders I

August 14, 2021; 6-11 pm

radialsystem, Holzmarktstr. 33, 10243 Berlin

with performances and installation by Justin F. Kennedy, Emma Waltraud Howes, Ethan Braun, Marcel Darienzo & Caterina Veronesi; Maru Mushtrieva & Liudmila Savelyeva; Omsk Social Club & Hollow; SERAFINE1369; Sunny Pfalzer & Marshall Vincent; Pankaj Tiwari & Maria Magdalena Kozłowska

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"ShareHolders" is a three-part project of the Montag Modus interdisciplinary series about practices and politics of sharing. For the kick-off event, Montag Modus collaborates with radialsystem and will move into its spaces for a week.

"ShareHolders I" takes experiences of societal and environmental changes at its starting point to explore the necessary conditions for coming together, for tending to environments and to each other in a post pandemic world. Through a range of performative strategies, somatic techniques and queer re-imaginings it investigates what it means to share space; the responsibilities to hold and the strategies to claim space. The performance-exhibition will host different practices of sharing by proposing and realizing multiple forms of access and participation.

In the heart of radialsystem, theater maker Pankaj Tiwari will set up the "TENT: A School of Performative Practices", a temporary mobile institution. Without static walls, it allows the air to circulate in it. In Tiwari’s words: "TENT is a space of negotiation and a shout for co-existence. It reflects upon the voices of outsiders, and examines the response of the power to it. TENT accommodates and facilitates these voices." During the performance-exhibition, the TENT will host the performance "Constructive Interference" by Tiwari and Maria Magdalena Kozlowska. This work is part of their long-term research project "Opera to the People".⠀

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How to remember the embodied sensations of a hug? The immersive installation “Rub your face onto your shoulder” by Sunny Pfalzer and Marshall Vincent tells stories about togetherness, vandalism and romance. The installation – combining textile sculptures and a listening meditation– is produced specially for Montag Modus. During the performance-exhibition the work will be activated on the deck of radialsystem by the artist Sunny Pfalzer and the musician Marshall Vincent in a live performance. 

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Understanding dance as a radical, transformative practice allowing for different perspectives to emerge, SERAFINE1369 create awareness of the space shared by performers and audiences. The indoor adaptation of their new durational performance “I I I (something flat, something cosmic, something endless)” looks at the pressure to create - or be formed by - meaning through conventional narrative arcs. The work situates a research with the unit of ‘one minute’ - asking whether we can transform the stuff of time or whether it transforms us. Considering the invention of colonial time and agency, the ways we inhabit its units of fixed endless measurement, even as this Time slips out of relation to the celestial bodies that have long been its anchor and justification.

More about “I I I (something flat, something cosmic, something endless)”

Justin F. Kennedy, Emma Waltraud Howes, Ethan Braun and Caterina Veronesi together with a special guest, Marcel Darienzo, prepare a jukebox musical for Montag Modus. The performance "Unfurl the Jukebox Musical: a shareable cypher" is a patchwork of dancehall-inflected pop songs. It is set on Twyland, a mythical planet where the currency of vulnerability appears and songs and movement become vehicles for rebirth. The performers emerge from an icy fridge and thaw over the course of the performance. The work reclaims the value of a live experience that rejects the notion of individual authorship in favor of collaborations that expand towards, with, and for others.

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In the “Saal” of radialsystem, Maru Mushtrieva and Liudmila Savelyeva will share their audiovisual interactive installation “Debri” (working title). In Russian “Debri” means: impenetrable, dense forests, and metaphorically: complex and unexplored things. DEBRI invites to speculate on the future of cosmo-politics, orbital debris and the problematic definitions of “free” space in the outer space. Will the cosmo-politics change its accustomed orbit? And what does it really mean to share the “space” when even watching the sun becomes a political act? 

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The Berlin-based collective Omsk Social Club and the Hungarian collective Hollow prepare an artwork beyond the shared experience of the performance-exhibition. "Sprawled Soilware" – co-produced by Montag Modus – brings together role play and bot guardians as an augmented immersive experience available over the phone. It guides the user through surreal bio-technological landscapes, ancestral hybrids and questions who and what has the authority to make reality. The work is multi-sensory and participatory and accessible only whilst walking, and through the messaging application Telegram. The user can choose between three narratives each offering an alternative structure of reality.

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Curator & dramaturge: Léna Szirmay-Kalos

Curatorial assistance: Beatrice Zanesco

Producer: Magda Garlinska

Technical team: Sanja Gergoric & Bátor Tóth

All visitors are asked to wear a mask and to stick to the 1,5m social distancing rule at all times. Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance.

Freedom of movement in the garden and to all of the spaces in radialsystem (with exception of the deck) is guaranteed. In the foyer there is a restroom for the disabled, and directly in front of the entrance of the building there are two parking spaces for the disabled. People with disabilities should contact the ticket office at

Montag Modus is organized by MMpraxis curatorial platform and funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.
Sprawled Soilware by Hollow and Omsk Social Club is a production of Montag Modus and Sín Arts and Culture Nonprofit Ltd, funded by the International Co-Production Fund of the Goethe-Institut with the support of MMpraxis, Divadlo X10, Katlan Group, Art Quarter Budapest and Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.